What We're Doing

Below is our Calendar of Events for the coming months. You are invited to help out as a sponsor, participant or volunteer!

May is Military Appreciation Month
 In honor of our veterans we will be facilitating several events both in D.C. and in Indian country.

Sunrise Ceremony Washington DC.
                       >-- date and time to be announced --<

The conclusion of the 500 mile walk
 May 23 Thursday at Vietnam Memorial wall.

Spirit Run  - Washington D.C. May 24-26th 2013

Looking forward to
Planting a blueberry garden for all of those who have been here and those yet to come.

After a youth and elders meeting we have been invited back to Ypsilanti Michigan to facilitate a 30sqft gardening project at the city's senior center. Ground breaking ceremony beginning on the full moon of May. We are planting a memorial garden of raspberry bushes, about seven of them.

Regarding Memorial Day Weekend Pow Wow in D.C.
We are seeking sponsors so that everyone who comes to the feast can eat. Also we are requesting funds so as to provide rooms and food and transportation for our invited guests. Distinguished guests are veterans, elders, speakers, singers and dancers.